Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yes, this is a picture with a toddler fork. Genny and I switched forks!

One of the only things I wanted for my birthday was a waffle maker. And it turns out, I got two! The mistake I made in which I ended up with two waffle makers is that I told both my family and my husband (who told his family). I've avoided this mistake in the past by telling my family I want something specific for a gift-giving holiday and telling my husband to tell his family I want something completely different.

The day before my birthday I received a box (take that back, HUGE box) of baby clothes, cloth diapers, and home made gifts (wipes and burp cloths) from my sister. Included in the box was an Oster waffle maker. This meant that on my birthday I was able to make home made waffles for the first time ever. Mmmm.... They were WONDERFUL. I'm a big fan of Belgian waffles and when I'm out to breakfast it's a tough decision for me between getting a waffle (which is usually just a waffle, sometimes with fruit on top) or getting a whole meal since they are usually the same price. Now I can make waffles whenever I want! Plus a bonus is that I can get another gift since I'll be returning the second waffle maker I got. Now I just have to figure out what to get... There aren't many things I consciously think about wanting, so it will be fun to see what there is to get. I've been thinking I may want a fun summer table cloth, and I defiantly want some new rugs. Maybe that's what I'll end up getting. We'll see.

It's too bad that Thomas isn't quite as big of a fan of the starchy breakfast foods as I am. The good thing is that the waffles freeze well, so we can probably make omelets and waffles and freeze the extra.

Sorry my posts haven't been as regular, I'm still getting the hang of this two-child household. Today as soon as I put Genny down (right after I fed Glenn) I raced around getting everything done that I could before baby Glenn woke up. Then Kate from next door came over when I was partially done with my mental chore list, and thank goodness she didn't mind me running around cleaning because my house needed it! I had all of the non-cold items from the grocery store to put away still, dishes in the sink from last night's dinner (no, I'm not a flylady!*) and the living room was a MESS from all the toys that Genny got out today. Plus there was some online stuff I needed to do, so I was on a mission! And thank goodness I got all of it done! Now I'm able to post today because Glenn is again sleeping and Genny is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I hope you all have a great Thursday! I'm planning on posting a Friday Favorite tomorrow, so stay tuned!

* is a website which tries to help you get your house clean and keep it that way. They have you clean one thing a day, but the first day is titled, 'clean your sink!' and they encourage you to always keep your sink sparkling. Even with the helpful hints I was unable to accomplish this task. So I never got past day one. But good for you if you visit the website and are able to follow along with their cleaning regime.

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