Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok you savvy scrappers, here is a new idea I had. Supplying tips and layouts for you to keep your hands busy but also keep you from making the mistakes that I've made which will hopefully save you paper and help you achieve higher goals quicker.

Tip of the day:

The rule of 3's... Looking to put some flare on your page but don't know where or what to do? A simple punch will work since you can use it with DSP, photos or (as my friend Amanda showed me this weekend-) on brochures from your trip. Punching something three-fold will give a highlight to the page but will also keep from distracting too much from the photos. Make sure to leave yourself a little space to put your three punches and see how well it works with the layout.

Stampin Up! had a wide variety of punches for around the same price as those at the store. Plus they are quality items that will last years of punching without dulling. Above are the ones that we carry. (the snowflake one will be a big seller this coming winter season!)

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