Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Blog!

Well, I told my friend Jasmin today that I was going to do it, and now here I am! It seemed a little easier than I imagined, starting a blog just isn't quite as labor intense as it had seemed going in. I'm sure that as I navigate the blogging world I'll see that it's probably more than just writting my thoughts and ideas for scrapbooking. So here is my plan for this blog:

Update weekly with ideas for scrapbook pages as well as new techniques. This will keep me and you motivated to catch up with scrapbooking without sacraficing the beauty of your pages. I'll encorperate simple ideas that actually look good but are easy to complete with a free hour every week. I'll also put my class times and dates up so that anyone who wants to can contact me to sign up.

My next class will be DSP-related. You pick your own DSP and show up with adhesive and your cutter and I'll handle the rest. It's on August 15th at my house at 2pm.
Ok, that's all for today! I'll post a technique this weekend!

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