Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, we all need help from time to time, so here are some pages that have great layouts that are simple, yet look good. I've been trying to make layouts using Word and upload them here, but it's not working out, so until I figure it out you'll have to make due with my scrapbook pages.

The First Days page has two different 6X6 squares of DSP and another of plain cardstock. Then I off-set the pictures and added ribbon to one square as well as the title and the stamps on the plain cardstock and finally the cut outs and punches.

The Bumbo page is about as simple as you can get: it's 4X4 pictures with some stickers in the center... I wanted to show Genny's first baby food experience, but didn't want to leave any pictures out even though I didn't take them far enough away to allow for actual scrapping on the page. Once again, it's as simple as you can get which means that there's not a whole lot to the page other than the pictures. Which can make for an easy slam dunk in the pages complete department but may leave you with some extra creative output when it comes to another page.

Hope these layouts helped you out! Happy scrapping everyone!

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