Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mexican Quinoa???

Ok. I'm frugal. I don't like buying Mexican rice when I can buy plain rice for half the price. Plus I don't like all the additives that come with the bagged or boxed Mexican rice. My friend Jasmin makes the best Mexican rice. My request to her when I was pregnant was her rice. I've always wanted to learn how she makes it, but never got around to asking her. Since I've been experimenting with my cooking lately, I decided to look it up and get the basic concept of it, then do my own thing.

I looked at the time (4:30) then I looked at my rice in my cupboard, thinking about how long it will take to cook rice after I mess with it trying to make it Mexican. Then I spot the Quinoa and an idea strikes me: Why not make Mexican Quinoa? I tried. I failed. It just tasted like regular Quinoa, I didn't even taste any of the spices I added. Next time I'll step it up by doubling the ingredients so you can actually taste them.

I started with a purple onion, minced. Then I added one clove of garlic pressed. I realized that I should have put oil in first, so I then I added evoo.

I added a frozen cube of tomato sauce, then realized that I should have melted it first. Total, I added about 3oz of tomato sauce.

Much better melted than frozen!

Then I added oregano and the water and finished cooking it as directed.

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