Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bread: Take Three

Third try's a charm!

After talking with my sister about how she makes bread (and trying to get those secrets to the best homemade bread ever) I started proofing my bread. For those of you who are not bread makers, proofing involves testing the yeast to see if it's alive (a thing that helped me realize that the yeast I bought several months ago was, indeed, not alive). After purchasing new yeast, I proofed it, thinking that it would bubble up just like my sister said it should. It didn't. Undeterred, I made the bread anyway. The first time I let the bread rise, it didn't. It was the same size as when I had put it in the bowl. I sighed and kneeded it anyway, placing it all in one loaf pan. All three recipes I've tried say to use two loaf pans, but the first two times I made bread it didn't rise, causing my loaf pan to be half-full which meant that the bread was half the size of a normal loaf. This time I decided that it was a wast to use the one loaf pan I have and make two rolls out of the other portion of the bread.

After letting the bread rise the second time, it was spilling over my loaf pan! Thomas and I ended up putting the rest in a pie pan, so the result was a very flat loaf and a normal looking loaf.

Here is the recipe I used this time, I like this one even though it takes milk, something that is in several types yet small quantities in this house. I used one cup of whole milk and one of 1%. I also tweaked the recipe, adding more flour and subbing margarine instead of shortening. I think it came out well, I'll definatly be using this recipe again.

Genny preferred the banana over the bread this morning. That's OK, Glenn ate hers!

Glenn just LOVED the toast!

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