Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm not a runner. Don't get me wrong- I've tried to become one of those women who get up at the crack of dawn, run five miles and feel great after. But my body hates running. I tried to train for a marathon when I was living in Japan, but got shin splints too many times. After a doctor told me that he would medically discharge me from the Navy if I came in one more time due to shin splints, I decided that my marathon training days were over. This doesn't mean that I don't still want to be a runner- I do. There are lots of things I want to do/be. I want to be a rock climber. I want to complete a triathlon someday. Someday...

Today I got up and ran. Since buying our jogging stroller I've decided to try jogging with it (imagine that!). We bought it so I would have something easier to handle on outings as well as something to use in the airport, etc. After having it for a few weeks, I decided to try running out again. About once a week I go for a run with the kids and sometimes the dog. I used the map my run website to see how far I've been going (I go the same rout every time) and it seems I've been running about 4.5 miles.

Exercising when you have small children isn't always easy. What do you do to excises if you have small children?

I keep the kids in their jammies (I added sweatpants to Genny and jackets for both). They also get snack while I'm running. This keeps them pretty occupied. Genny decided she wanted to bring the pig today.

The kids play outside while I stretch and drink a bunch of water. They love it!

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