Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dora Doll

I didn't do it. Ok, I sort of did it. But I didn't think it would become this... Big. Well, big isn't the word, more like... Crazy. No, crazy isn't the word either. *sigh* I'll just tell you instead of dragging it out. Glenn's favorite toy is a Dora doll.

(waiting for cringe to subside)

Ok, here's how it happened. We were driving home from our outing of the day. Glenn was inconsolable in his car seat; nothing would make him happy. I tried giving him snack, water, toys. Nothing was helping. Then I gave him the Dora doll. He scrunched his fingers in her hair, his eyes rolled back and closed, and he happily fell asleep sucking on his paci. Now, I should have prefaced this post with an odd fact about my children. They LOVE hair. When Genny was a baby, I would lay her on my bed, turn a program on (for me to watch) and drape my hair across her face. She would scrunch her hands in my hair (like a cat does the happy paws) and fall asleep. As soon as Glenn was born, he was doing the same thing. My friends think it's hilarious that both of my children have such a fixation on holding my hair, but that's just a fact of life around here. While holding Glenn, he usually has to have at least one fist-full of my hair.

Since we came home from SC, Glenn has been waking up between three and five in the morning. He usually doesn't end up going back to sleep, and even if he does, something precludes me from going back to sleep. After the Dora incident in the car, I had her on stand by in his room. At 4am when he woke up, I rocked him for a few minutes, then laid him down with the Dora doll. He fussed for a minute, but then scrunched his hands in her hair and fell back to sleep. He slept until 6am!!

Now Dora is officially Glenn's. Oh well. It's the one thing that makes him happy. Which makes me happy.

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