Saturday, July 2, 2011

Legoland Sea Life Aquarium

Yes, I've been absent for a while now... I apologize to anyone who was reading me regularly, I didn't do it on purpose, life just got in the way of blogging. I've been concentrating on my wet bags and trying to sell those, so all of my free time is devoted to them. It's 8:44pm on Saturday night and I have been itching to blog about two adventures we have been on this past week, so here's the first one: Legoland Sea Life Aquarium

At the kids' birthday party one of our neighbors gave me two adult admission tickets to the Aquarium. I kept forgetting about them and realize two days before they expired that the expiration was coming up. I invited my good friend to go with me, and we just had to pay for our two older children (although she surprised me by paying for Genny).

The Sea Life Aquarium was pretty cool. It was almost like a maze of tanks in different forms. Some you could pop your head into (a 'bubble' built into the tank so you could be 'inside' without getting wet), and others were almost like a bubble itself, looking like it may burst if you touched it. There were [of course] Lego statues throughout and at the halfway point there was a large Lego castle for you to add to or take apart. They had starfish to touch, as well as pencil urchins. The experience reminded me of Okinawa and some of the dives I had been on. It was very nice to remember those since it's been so long.

The kids had fun, but it was hard to keep track of all of them. It was oddly busy on a Thursday morning, but my friend was the best because she kept an eye on all the kids instead of just hers, which helped out a few times. We ended the trip with lunch outside at the restaurant, we brought our own but hid in the corner so as not to be asked to purchase something or leave. As is custom for any museum-type trip, I bought a book, a funny one about a minnow which has giant eyes that are weighted so always look at you as you turn the book.

I didn't get many pictures because silly me brought my double wide stroller which was about the most annoying thing you can imagine. Between the stroller and the kids, I was a little busy. Sorry, this will have to do...

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