Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Washing the Cars

There were several reasons we decided to wash our cars tonight after dinner, pushing the kids’ bedtimes back to a late 7:30pm:
1. Genny took a nap today. (Genny hasn’t taken naps for almost two years now, so on the odd day that she does snooze, we have to push her bedtime back to compensate)
2. It was 90.1 degrees while we were eating dinner. Pretty toasty.
3. The kids were cooped up inside all day (we had Spinal Defects Clinic down in San Diego which means we sit in an exam room for about four hours while various doctors make their way to us, going over the plan for Genny for the next year)
So after a post-dinner popsicle, we got out the bucket, soap, rags and threw the kids in swim suits.

Let’s just say I have great memories of washing cars with my dad and siblings but could never pinpoint any specific part. Today I did what every parent loves to do: I relived my childhood through my kids.

The pups got left over rib bones to chew on.

Genny mostly sit/lay in the water table.

Glenn was in his element washing cars! He loved pulling his rag our of the bucket, taking it over to the car and washing.

And a big shout out to hubby Thomas who did the majority of the washing! But that's what happens when mama need to get the camera to document such occasions, then also needs to tend to the babes and pups.

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