Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Party

Saturday we had a double birthday party. Since Glenn was born on the 2nd and Genny on the 15th we integrated their parties this year. I had originally wanted to do separate parties (he only turns 1 once!) but Thomas made a good point that anyone driving up from SD would not appreciate two parties in May on separate dates. *sigh* He was right again. It's amazing how he'll suggest something and I'll think, "wow, you just didn't even think about the outcome, did you? It's not going to work." but then it works out much better than I could have done if I had my way.

3pm was the start time for the party. We had twelve children ranging in age from 11.5 months to 9 years old. We had adults who don't have kids. We had a house full! I told Thomas several times that it was the best party yet. The only thing I would have done different was give Thomas more tasks. For the most part he just worked the party, chatting with everyone. I ended up sending him to the store for more burgers and dogs (we ran out!) and then he grilled them, but other than that he had no tasks beyond cleaning up the garage. Next time I'll have a timed list for him (yup, that's how I roll).

Glenn did not enjoy the party. I take that back, he had no clue there even was a party. My poor baby was sick with a high fever and runny nose the whole day. He literally spent the whole day in the Moby. I want to say that he ate a little bit of breakfast, but I can't remember for sure. He did nurse a few times, so at least he was getting some fluids.

Genny had a BLAST! For the first hour or so she was a little overwhelmed. Our friend's five year old daughter played with her, 'making' her food and taking her hand, walking her from one room to another. One guest came out of Genny's room at one point and said, "Is Genny in trouble? She's sitting on her bed looking so somber!" to which I replied, "Nope, she's just in shock because of all the kids here." Soon enough she was running around from inside to outside, playing with all the kids and toys.

Genny and Glenn made out when it came to gifts. We've never had that many presents before! The party had been going on for so long that when it came to opening gifts I tried to quickly let Genny open each gift but the problem with a three year old is that she wants to play with each thing right now. So a friend and her daughter (the same one who played with Genny earlier) helped Genny go through the gifts. We didn't even get to Glenn's gifts because he was out of it. (in fact I just finished opening them today- Monday.)

What about the food you say? Well let me tell you about the cakes. I wanted to make cupcakes because Genny is obsessed with them. I made white cake mini cupcakes with home made strawberry buttercream frosting. Yum. I made the exact same recipe last year. Why fix what isn't broken? For the cake, I wanted to do a two-tier cake. The theme of the party was jungle safari, so I decided to make a banana cake (because monkeys like bananas...). I've never made a ganache, but have had it before and knew it was yummy. I made my first chocolate ganache and added it to the inside of the two tiers. Then I made chocolate buttercream frosting and added that. I know, it was too much chocolate. So at the last minute, the day of the party I took the chocolate buttercream frosting off and replaced it with vanilla buttercream. It worked out better for the decorations anyway. This cake. This cake is so good. I received so many compliments on this cake. Christine- don't read this next part: It was the first time I had attempted the banana cake or chocolate ganache. I'm a risk-taker like that. :)

Now that the party is done, we're slowly getting the gifts out and letting the kids play with them. I want the kids to appreciate each gift, and they wouldn't do that if I just let them play with all of them at once. Plus this way I get to know each toy and what goes with it so I can put the pieces back when they make their way to other areas of the house.

It was a good party.

I didn't take many pictures because I was so busy. :(

Genny's new play house (found that day at a garage sale) and her new doll house.

Genny has since taken several cards and carried them around the house. I can't blame her- she got some good ones (unicorns, pigs, ice cream cones...)

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