Monday, October 11, 2010

To my Tommy-Tom-Tom

Tommy-Tom-Tom, you were missed today. You have been missed every day since you left, but today I choose to write about it. Our son is growing. He has been working on sitting on his own, and today he achieved it for several minutes at a time. Such a small accomplishment throughout the duration of life, yet currently, in our small Ground Hog Day world, it was a big day. This little man of ours that I lovingly call Mister Man is such a delight. Yes, there are times when I sigh and wonder how I can continue doing whatever it is I was doing but now with a baby on my hip. And often there are times when I wish he would sleep, but when I look into his eyes, he lights up. His smile is broad and full. There is no mistaking his joy even when he is tired or cranky. No matter what mood he is in, I can usually get him to smile back at me.

So let's take a moment to revel in his great accomplishment today. He can sit!

*As I write this I say a little prayer, "Please sleep baby Glenn, I'm so tired..."

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  1. Beautiful writing, Kari. The second picture, that smile, looks just like Thomas! So sweet. I'll pray too...please sleep baby Glenn.