Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello Rain [oops, I forgot we were in Oceanside- I mean 'mist']

It's a rare rainy [misty] day here in Oceanside. We started off the morning by trying to make it to the 8am yoga class at the YMCA. I got there on time, but as I was trying to drop off the kids at the child watch, I realized I left my member ID in the car. So back to the car for the ID. Then Glenn gave me a dirty diaper, and it turns out I have to change dirty diapers in the locker room. So after all of that, I was about ten minutes late for the yoga class. I joined in and didn't find this class as relaxing as the one I took last week. I guess I'll stick to that instructor so that I get more stretching instead of toning which is what I got today.

Genny is in love with her flower jammies that KrisB gave her for her birthday. I hadn't broken them out yet, so last night I thought it would be fun for her to wear them under her regular fleece footed jammies that she wears every night. But once those flowered jammies went on, there was no negotiations that they would be her only jammies that night. I put an extra blanket on her to try to keep her warm since she wasn't wearing the fleece jammies. This morning when I did my usual routine of changing her diaper, then taking off her jammies, there was a whole lot of tears and exclamations of "Flower jammies ON! No flower jammies off!!" So on they stayed. Yup, I took my children to the YMCA in their jammies. I didn't bother changing Glenn because if Genny was going to wear her jammies, and I was wearing my jammies, then we may as well be uniform in our lazy attire.

Today we will be enjoying several indoor activities. I will be completing the taping of Glenn's room so I can prime it during Genny's nap, Genny will be coloring and maybe using the left over supplies from our morning hosting preschool (green felt, pom-poms, google eyes and glitter glue), we may end up getting a toy out from hiding in the hopes that it's 'new' or I'm thinking of getting a Little People construction truck from the garage where it's been sitting, purchased last year for Brad-Lee, but I never sent it, partly because I don't have his address, and partly because I'm lazy. In any event, it's probably too young a toy for him now, and I had been thinking I would give it to Glenn for Christmas, but depending on how today goes, I may just bring it out.

What do you do on rainy days?

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  1. Cute jammies! Rainy days are always hard, I always look forward to outside time to help break up the day. Looks like you had fun, though!