Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween this year was a bit busy. Last year Thomas wasn't here either, but it was only for the night. I think he had duty, but I don't remember. This year, as you all know, he's in Afghanistan.

Genny was Little Red Riding Hood this year and Glenn was a pea pod. We went to six houses total for Genny to trick or treat and she walked away with a good little bucket full of loot. We completed her trick or treating and walked in the door at about 6:45. I told her to pick one piece of candy to eat while I changed her diaper. Of all the different candies in her bucket, she chose "snack" witch is Genny speak for a Chewy Granola bar. Hmmm... As Thomas said, who's daughter is she? Certainly not mine, for just since she went down, I've had seven mini-packs of nerds candy. Not to mention the constant raiding of the candy bowl this past week.

Glenn and Dillon at Hans's house

Genny eating all the cheese with her cape on

Genny without her cape on

Me with my black wig on (my blackened mole somehow wore off)

Happy baby Glenn and Sweet baby Dillon

Genny trick or treating with her cape on

baby Glenn and baby MJ

Genny and MJ trick or treating at Nick and Rosie's house

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  1. Ohmygoodness! It's Nov. 7th and I'm finally reading this!!! Soooooooo cute!!!