Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink Sunrise with Genny

Life with an almost-four-year-old and an almost-two-year-old can hold many things. Screaming, crying, pushing, time outs, refusals, and tantrums to say the least. So when I get a chance to share something special that I think my kids will stare in awe at, I jump up and grab them from wherever they may be and try to share that moment with them.
These are the times that we take pictures. When we get to see their sweet smiles and surprised expressions. Tender hugs around a fake polar bear at the zoo. These are the times that we want to record, remember and talk about in years to come.
So when I took the trash out this morning and saw how pink the sky was, with striations of clouds shooting out from where the sun would rise -like the never ending rising sun of the Japanese flag- I came inside and scooped Genny up from the table where she was eating breakfast. I took her outside, wrapping my warm robe around her as we walked along the side of the house. Then I stopped in the driveway and stood, looking at the sun's rays stretching towards us. She was looking down at her uncooked noodle that she brought with us outside (you never know what a preschooler will have in their hand). I said, "Look Genny, look at the pink sky!" She gave the pink sky one glance and went back to her noodle. Confused at why she didn't think this was as glorious as I did, I said, "Genny, did you see the pink sky?" to which she replied, "Yes. I'm just fixing my noodle." I almost felt defeated, how could a little girl not get excited over a pink sky?? But she was smiling her secret smile that she gives me when we snuggle, a smile that was brought on from my wrapping her in my robe. I took the small victory and went inside, placing her down in her chair to finish breakfast.
Maybe today she'll reference the pink sky. Maybe not. But I know that I tried to give her something new, something spectacular and something she'll love when she gets older. That's my victory.

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