Friday, March 4, 2011

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Take Three

Guess where we went today? :)

It's pretty amazing that we've been to the Zoo Safari Park three times now and this was the first time we went to the Discovery Station. With a two [almost three] year old and a crawling baby, it's the perfect spot out of the sun and into the fun. There is a coloring table, plenty of puzzles to put together, a dress-up area, bug hand puppets, a table for little rubber bugs, and a giant magnetic board with plenty of magnets.

We also had a near-tragedy. Genny has been obsessed with pigs and Charlotte's Web. She received two plastic pigs for Christmas and has been in love with them. The larger one wound up on the chewing end of Gus's boredom one evening, so I threw it away because it looked a little disturbed. The little one was thought to have been lost outside, but found in the extra bathroom the next day. We've since replaced the big pig and it's been deemed the best toy ever for the past few days. Wilbur [as he's so named] has gone everywhere with us and has slept with Genny every night. But alas. Wilbur came up missing when we tried to show him the elephants today. We trudged back to the playground where he was last seen, and a woman told us that he had been turned into the lost and found. Kate was a trouper, allowing Wilbur's rescue mission to take precedence over everything else.

Genny was able to show Wilbur the elephants after all!

What's your child's favorite toy right now?

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  1. Oh my gosh...adorable! Let's see, Daniel's favorite toy is his Jango Fett action figure. Matthew's favorite toys are his little frogs, and Nickel's favorite toys are any of his trains. :)