Friday, March 4, 2011

Play Date

Dillon came over yesterday for a few hours sans his mother. The last time we did this he was three months old and was quite upset the whole time. So we [his mother and I] weren't sure just what to expect this time around. I had high hopes and tried to pretend I wasn't worried about him crying, but there was this little corner of my mind that was worried that he'd cry the whole time. Turns out, he did great!!

Glenn loved having Dillon over and even cut his lunch short so he could play with him. He kept looking at Dillon with adoration in his eyes and giggling. It was so sweet to watch... He's my little hospitable boy!

Genny got to craft with some new stuff we bought the other day at the crafting store. Nothing like brand new crafting supplies to keep you busy for a while while mama watches the babies!

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