Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Past Five Days

The past five days have been a whirlwind of events. Friday was the most busy with devastation not only in Japan, but also in a little town called Griffith, IN. The best woman anyone will ever know passed away. The matriarch to the Powers family (my mother's mother) and as one said, 'the reason we are all here'. She was, and will always be the best grandmother/great grandmother/mother that anyone could have. She joined my grandfather in heaven, where I'm sure she is so happy and will greet us when we leave this earth. I can't picture a better ambassador to eternal happiness.

[I wish I had a picture of my grandma, but my memory card with pictures from Thanksgiving is at my sister's house in MI, I'll post a picture when I get it back]

Above is Thomas and Glenn at my grandma's house (that's where we stayed). Below is Genny and Aaralynne.

On a happy note, my husband came home Friday also. It was hard to jump for joy with the knowledge that my grandmother had just passed, but oh that little Genevieve. I had told Thomas not to get his hopes up, that Genny may take some time to get used to him. Nope. She was stuck to him like glue for the next four days. Anywhere he was, she wanted to be. After our greeting, we got Thomas's bags and took them and the kids out to the car. He had one bag he wasn't able to carry (who brings two sea bags, a computer bag, and two giant back packs on a deployment?!) so he had to go back to get it. The world as Genny knew it was ending as he started walking back to the terminal. In an effort to get everyone home quickly and avoid a melt down, I asked him to take her with. Yup, she's daddy's girl.

This is my friend Michelle who came to welcome Thomas home as well. She works with him at Balboa Naval Hospital.

Unfortunately the setting of the camera was one that tinges everything blue. Oh well, we'll have lots of pictures in the coming weeks, months and years.

After we arrived home, it was time to make dinner, a Greek stuffed chicken recipe that I got from Rachel Ray's website. You can get it here. After that it was bed time, and in the morning I cooked a nice big breakfast, one of the things I missed while he was gone. After breakfast it was time to focus on getting all of us to IN for the funeral.

Now we're home and the normalcy begins.

I twisted my ankle at the park the night before we left IN. It was a little more challenging to get around the airport and getting unpacked today has been pretty interesting, but I'm just glad it's not anything serious.

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