Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pita Grilled Cheese

Humus Quartet, thank you Trader Joes!

Well, my crinkle cloth has caused some upset from the Taggies corporation. They apparently sent a cessation e-mail to Etsy about my posting and Etsy took it down. I went on the Taggies website and saw nothing in the form of a crinkle cloth nor burp bib. But I'm just lowly Kari Alford, crafter and SAHM. There is probably nothing that I can do to keep their fear at bay. After all, if I sold that one burp bib and crinkle cloth set, it would rob them of thier million dollar empire. *sigh*

Onto more important and exciting things!

My former best friend Brandon posted a request on facebook that left me thinking... He asked for recipes that were easy yet tasty. Since I fancy myself a fairly good cook, (after years of practice) I decided that I should publish some of my recipes. Today I made a new dish for lunch. I had purchased some pita bread with the intent of using left over chicken (chopped) along with spinach and some cheese to make tasty pita sandwiches for lunch. Having used all the chicken, I got creative. I know that Genny will eat any version of a grilled cheese, so I usually end up resorting to a quesedilla or regular grilled cheese for lunch. Not wanting to waste the pita bread, I made Pita Grilled Cheese. Recipe as follows:

Pita Bread
Frying pan

Turn the burner on Medium and place the frying pan on. Spray PAM in pan.
Spread Humus on one or both insides of the pita pocket. Add spinach.
Add cheese.
Place in frying pan, let cheese soften, then flip (about 2 minutes each side)

There you go, Brandon. One easy recipe down, many to follow!

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