Thursday, August 12, 2010

Burp Bib

I did it!!! After a few months of pondering (or marinating as I tend to say) I've created my first Burp Bib, a wondrous design that I made after seeing a similar one my friend had. Tonya was given her Burp Bib (I made up the name, so don't try to google it, it doesn't exist except in my mind) by someone and the first time I saw it, I thought, man, that is awesome. I have to have one. So I've been thinking about the design for a while now and after completing four place mats (still need to make the other four...) I gave myself the go-ahead to start a new project. The first one I made had a few mistakes in it... First, I forgot to wash the fabric. (I tend to do this often) Second, I forgot to put in the ribbon. Third, I used the good fabric on the first version instead of the fabric I don't love quite as much which would have saved the good fabric for the second (which is always the better) version. So of course, as is with most things I create, the first one uses the pretty materials but looks the worst and the second looks the best but uses the materials that I don't have super strong feelings for.

Back to the Burp Bib. I'm sure you all are pretty curious as to what, exactly a Burp Bib is. Well, much like Brangelina and Bennifer, it's the culmination of two things into one. It's a burp cloth as well as a bib. Genius, right? Too bad I didn't actually think of it on my own. But I did make one, and that counts for something, right?

So behold, the wondrous Burp Bib!!!

He's holding the ribbon in his right hand.

I put a toy on the ribbon. To showcase its versatility.

Contuered to fit around your neck.

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  1. Look at that! So cute and multi-functional too! I love it! Adorable fabric too. Too bad I'm not having anymore babies. :)