Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Paper!

Lately I've been obsessed with sewing. (I'm a bit obsessed with treats too, as I recently bought a package of mini-packs of sixlets and boy are we working our way to the bottom of the bag!) I see something, and say, I can make that. The only problem is that my house is suffering. But oh, what fun it is to make something and say, I could have paid $XX.XX for this, but I made it, so it was close to nothing!

For Genny's first Christmas, my sister sent one of the best gifts. It was baby paper, a pink square that crinkled. So simple! Genny LOVED it. Now that Skyla comes over, she loves it too. I let Glenn play with it, but he's more interested in putting it in his mouth than the fact that it crinkles. But even still, I feel a bit guilty giving him such a pink toy to play with. I don't mind it at home, but I probably won't be taking it out with us, due to the fact that he's a boy and it's pink.

I read the first Amanda Blake-Soule book, and in it there was a project in which you make a baby toy. She suggested putting something crinkly in it, or a bell, or beans. After reading that project, I remembered the baby paper my sister sent me and thought, I can make that! So, like many other project ideas I have, it sat in the 'to create' folder in my brain until the opportunity arose.

In come the sixlets... The little mini-packs are the perfect size and the perfect plastic for adding to two pieces of fabric sewn together to make baby paper. Since I had some left over flannel from the burp-bib fabric, I decided to make Glenn and his friend Dillon each a piece of baby paper. I added ribbon loops to each side for itchy gums as well as giving it the ability to be attached to a play mat or rings.

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  1. You are so crafty I just can't stand it! :)
    You should really contact your Mom and Pop Place store by you and see if they'd be interested in selling your hand made things in their store. MAPP sells a bunch of locally mommy-made things in their store and everything is so cute! I think your stuff would be a total success.