Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SAHM Preschool: Living and Non-Living

I'm not a teacher. In fact, when I first started out on this preschool journey I was trying to make a then three year old Genny write letters. Then I started talking to other moms and found out that Genny needed to learn to draw lines and circles before she started writing letters. So even though I'm posting about the homeschool preschool I do with my four and a half year old daughter, it may not be up to a certified preschool teachers standards. With that being said, let's take a peek at what Genny worked on today.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have lots of ideas and tools for Genny's preschool. Today she learned about living and non-living. Before I started the project, we talked about what is be living and what is not living. I asked her to name something living. She couldn't, so I helped her by asking if she thought that she was living. Then we named lots of things that we saw, and she started getting the idea of what was living and what was not living.

I had cut out a bunch of pictures from catalogs and magazines of living and non-living things. I went through each one with her, asking her whether it was living or non-living. She did pretty well, and we placed each one on the correct side. After we had gone through them all, she got to glue them down.

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