Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Kari- Bread Bags

My sister is a domestic goddess. No, seriously. So what do you get a domestic goddess for Christmas? You make her a bread bag!

I had the pleasure of staying with my sister for 6 weeks last year when my husband was deployed. We arrived before Thanksgiving and left after the New Year. It was so nice to spend that time with her and her family, especially since I'm only able to see her and her family at the most, once a year.

During my time with her, I got to experience her amazing bread making abilities she learned from the Tassajara Bread Book, a book I looked at but read as if it was a textbook written in a language I didn't know. (I'm not a read and learn girl if you haven't already guessed)

The one thing that I noticed was that Christine didn't have a bread bag. She used her old cereal bags, which worked out well but I decided I would be making her a bread bag for Christmas. Since she gives my mom bread often enough, I made them each a bread bag with similar embroidery.

~Linnen (bought at good 'ol Jo Ann's for a reasonable price)- I used 1/4 yard for each bag
~Thread to match the linnen
~embroidery thread
~embroidering hoop
~Ribbon or string for the draw-string

:: I made the draw-string portion first, ironing the fold and then sewing. Then I sewed the bags sides and voila!
:: I then drew a bird on a pice of lined paper (or you can print an image) and went over it with permanent marker to make it stand out.
:: Then I used pencil to 'trace' the image onto the bag.
:: I used the thread (2 strands) to embroider the image onto the bag.
:: I have yet to get a ribbon for the draw string, but here are images of the finished bags. My mom's has a mama bird with a baby bird (she's the full time guardian of my 5 year old niece) and my sister's has a mama bird with three baby birds (she has three children). I think it came out great, and can't wait for them to see it!

Yes, after months of sitting folded, they are creased. Don't worry, I'll iron them before I send them!

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