Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Favorite- my husband

This Friday I am surrounded by thoughts of my husband, Thomas. I'm getting ready for his going away party on Sunday, which makes me think of the fact that he's going away. Just a few short weeks ago he told me that he was in line to deploy. I never take a rumored deployment seriously until he says it's for sure. A few days later, it was done, his name was on the roster for an IA (individual augmentee) billet to leave with the Air Wing in August. It's been so long since he's deployed, my head spun a little to try to remember what all we needed to get done before he leaves. Not to mention the fact that the last time he deployed we were so freshly pregnant that we didn't even know we were expecting. So leaving with two children so small is a bit different. There are videos of him reading books to be made, a 'daddy doll' of him in his uniform to make as well, not to mention he's somehow let two years pass with neither child on his page 2 (the military's version of next of kin).

There were things to buy and things to fix. Things to teach (I have yet to mow a lawn) and things to set aside (he reads more books than one can imagine when deployed). And in the middle of all this preparation, there are things to savor and things to memorize. The way his lips feel on mine when we kiss. His scent. His beautiful smile that somehow eludes the camera. Every activity is a reminder that he will be leaving; taking a trip to the store to buy bunting for the banner that I'm making for his going away party (pictures to follow when I finish), making dinner, putting Genny to bed. The last two items will be done differently after he leaves. Baby Glenn will need attention while I put Genny down. Not that I haven't put her down by myself before, but it will be consistent now. Dinner will be a whole lot smaller and will probably have less pizazz since it will just be me and Genny and she's easy to please.

These things that will change once Thomas is gone are going to be constant reminders of how much I miss my husband and how much I love him. We have become comfortable in our lives in such a way that I feel like no one could ever replace him. Our friendship is the largest strength in our marriage, and something that caused me to see us together long-term when we were dating.

Most men seem to be alike, or at least in one category. I feel like God broke the mold when he made Thomas, which in the most part is great, but can be of course trying in other aspects. Typical tricks of the trade don't work on him, honesty is the best way to go if you want him to do something.

His moral compass is my true north, showing me that you can be a man as well as a father as well as a sexy husband. In this blog I've told you of things he is, and there is just one thing he won't be: Here. I love this man so much that I could be next to him every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it. He is my best friend and my husband, and my everyday favorite.

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  1. Oh Kari, I honestly have tears in my eyes. *sniff*!