Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!!

My in-laws are here for a week and boy have we been busy!! They arrived on Sunday, just in time for lunch. We didn't do much due to the fact that they are from South Carolina and were quite jet lagged as well as tired from staying up all night the previous night. So we lazed around, watching TV, eating dinner and going to bed on time.

Monday brought with it a long hike (even though we thought it would be a shorter hike). We went to Lake Poway and decided to try to hike around the lake again (I say 'try again' because as most of you know we brought Gus with us the first time we tried to hike around the lake and he just about died of heat exhaustion). We succeeded in hiking around the lake, although it was a bit longer than we anticipated, so our 2 mile detour made the total hike all that much longer. The littlest hiker, Thomas' sister Jillian, wasn't in much of a mood to hike, and made sure we knew it! Thank goodness for down hill, or else we probably would have had to carry her...

On Tuesday we had Spinal Defects Clinic with Genny; the yearly appointment was unable to be moved. So Thomas, Glenn, Genny and I packed up for a [not so] fun-filled day of appointments and doctors. Genny got her fluroscopy again, and her reflux in her bladder has down graded on both sides. The Urologist was confident that she would resolve her reflux by next year, much to our surprise and glee. We also got an ear-full from the Urology NP- a good ear full since she actually got us on track to get Genny's bowls in order. We've seen the Ped GI several times over the past year to try to get Genny on a good regiment for her bowl movements and have gotten no where with her. One mention of Genny's GI issues to the Urology NP and we are now on a path to scheduled continence! Ann Marie of Rady's Children's Hospital, we adore you.

The family ended up trying to take part in the free museum Tuesday down at Balboa Park while we were at the hospital for nine hours (seriously, nine hours). They ended up getting there a little later in the day than most for a free museum day, so they toured the Train museum and had lunch, then called it a day.

Wednesday brought with it a delayed start thanks in most part to a sick Lucky-dog who threw up three times in the night as well as pooped. After cleaning that up, and eating breakfast, I found that Lucky threw up another two times. My mother in law also ended up cutting her finger deep enough that we considered taking her in to get stitches, but settled for some super glue instead. After all the excitement coupled with nursing, changing diapers, packing a lunch and getting both kids and myself ready for the day, we ended up leaving for Sea World at about 11:30am.

We ate lunch in the parking lot before entering the park, and spent about 6 hours there. We got to the restaurant at about 8, with a sleeping Genny as well as a content Glenn (thank goodness!). We ate at Western Burger in San Diego, a hole in the wall restaurant that has amazing burgers and is known for it's Gyros. We arrived home at about 10pm, and I was surprised that Genny went back down well after changing her diaper and putting her in jammies. We decided to take it easy today and just hang around the house, which is the only reason I'm even blogging. Thomas is making jerky and for dinner ribs, and I'm getting a few chores done that needed to be done. Genny is taking a much needed nap (she hasn't gotten a nap for the entire time the family has been here) and we're all resting from the chaos of trying to see and do too many fun things. But we're going to the beach tomorrow, which will bring with it lots of sand and probably at least one sunburn :( as well as all of us most likely super tired again.

I hope you're all having a great week, I know I am.

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