Friday, January 8, 2010

Scrapbook Club

Hello everyone! Those of you who signed up for the Christmas scrapbooking class, I'll see you next weekend on the 16th at noon!

Now onto my next project... I would like to hold a club with the end product being a finished scrapbook. The example we will be using will be a scrapbook for a baby boy (not a coincidence that I'm pregnant with a boy!) but each person will choose their own paper, brads, etc so the scrapbook will be able to be made into a Family themed scrapbook or any other theme including baby girl. There will also be an option to omit the paper from the class. This is for anyone who purchased paper for a baby scrapbook or other themed scrapbook and wants to participate in the class but would like to use paper other than what I have available. Each class will give you new flare such as buttons, brads, chipboard, ink, etc so persons omitting the paper will still find something new in their stamping collections as well as on their pages. There will also be new techniques.

Above you will see the examples of the first few classes. The average price will be about $10-20 depending on whether you choose to buy paper as well as which flare we will be using for the class. The first class will be $30 with paper, $20 without.

The club will start in Feburary and the durration will be 5 months.

Here is all the info unscrambled:

Club dates: Feb-June (each class date will be determined based on availablilty for everyone involved)

Cost: $30/$20 (with paper/without paper) First class

$10-$20 (each class cost will be determined based on flare and paper, I anticipate it staying closer to $10 towards the end of the club)

Scrapbook: You will provide your own

End result: 20 12X12 pages with extra flare left over

Sign up no late than: Jan 31st with me at:

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