Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boxy Makeup Bag Tutorial

I found This bag while pinning tons of sewing projects that I may or may not ever get to. I loved the boxy look of the bag, and thought it would be a perfect bag to replace my current makeup box that I've had since I was in 8th grade. (a mere eighteen years ago...) As I started cutting the fabric I realized that the bag would be too small for my makeup items, and so I made it a little larger, and at the last minute I added a strap for my wrist or hanging it. I also used PUL as the lining, thinking it would be nice and water proof, but after finishing the bag I realized that I would have to construct it differently to make it actually water proof, so if you're making it at home and are wondering if you should use PUL or not, I would recommend using nylon instead because it's cheaper and it will still have the same effect of the PUL for this design, which is to keep the inside wipeable if you spill makeup. I referred to the PUL in this tutorial, only because that's what I used, but again, I would recommend using nylon.

Here are the supplies:

~two pieces of fabric 10X8" (outside fabric)

~Two pieces of PUL 10X8" (inside)

~One piece of 3X10" fabric (handle)

~Two pieces of interfacing

~one 14" or 16" zipper

~coordinating thread

I always cut the fabric twice as high, then cut that in half. This makes it easier for me to cut two pieces the same size for some odd reason.

I ironed the interfacing to the wrong side of the outside fabric. Then I placed the PUL right side up on top of the interfacing. Then I sewed them all together.

Then I folded over the long end by about a 1/4" and pinned it to the zipper. I sewed the zipper on (unzip the zipper first to make it easier if you don't have a zipper foot)

Put the right sides together so the PUL is showing and the zipper is on the left. Sew the right side only, leaving the sides that are perpendicular to the zipper open. (sorry- I somehow forgot to take a picture of this step)

Now position the bag so the zipper is on top and in the center. (like below)

Unzip the zipper a little bit and trim the excess zipper. Sew the open ends together (this is where you would add your strap, wait to sew these open ends until you sew the strap)

To sew the strap, take your 3X10" fabric strip and sew right sides together, leaving one side open. I use a crochet hook to turn it right side out. Don't worry about finishing it because the unsewn end will be inside the bag anyway.

Turn the bag inside-out and pull the corners out and sew those. I don't have a picture of this, so refer to the link above because she has some great pictures.

Here is the finished bag! I'm so excited to use this because, if you're anything like me, you make a lot of things for other people, but not much for yourself.

Do you think I picked the fabric subconsciously knowing it would match my makeup?

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